Important Dates: 2019-20

Club Meeting: Sept. - 19

Club Meeting: Oct. - 10,31

Club Meeting: Nov. - 14

Club Meeting: Dec. - 5,19

Club Meeting: Jan. - 9,23

Club Meeting: Feb. - 13,27

Club Meeting: Mar. - 12,26

Club Meeting: Apr. - 2,23

Club Meeting: May - 7,21

Club Meeting: June - 4


Mr. Farnsworth


Mrs. Ruppert


Welcome to the Art Club. Meetings will always be on Thursdays in rooms C111 and C107 from 2:30 - 3:30.  You may come for all or part of a meeting. However, we would like you to make as many of the meetings as possible. You do not have to be in an art class to join. Come & make new friends and discover how creative you can be. Workshops and activities vary year to year based on interests discussed at the first meeting . ART CLUB starts September 21st!! All are welcome! Come join us!!

L. Kephart 2017

Building creative minds, creative thinkers & better students. What did you think we were doing all day?

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